Ryan Gosling Wants To Propose To Eva Mendes?

Ryan Gosling Wants To Propose To Eva Mendes?

It appears that Ryan Gosling is getting cozier and cozier with Eva Mendes, by the minute. So much, in fact, that he really wants to propose to her! Oh noes, ladies, what shall we do?!? [Seriously, let’s talk sabotage in the comments.]

Now that they’ve gotten closer than ever, Ryan is telling his friends that he really feels Eva is “the one”. It could be just hearsay, right? Inadmissible. Moving on.

Even though they’ve only been dating for roughly six months, Ryan wants to pop the question. The only problem? She’s not feeling it! Quick, someone check this woman to make sure she has a pulse.

A friend said, “Eva’s a great girlfriend. But she has no intention of being anyone’s wife.”

Ugh. You get the steak that you ordered at the most fanciest restaurant in town, but you can’t commit to eating it?!? WTF, Eva?!? At least that means when he pushes for marriage, she’ll ditch him…Thus, leaving it open season for the rest of us, right?

The pal went on to say, “Eva told Ryan that she loves him but will never change her mind about getting married or having kids.”

Despite all of that, Ryan still wants his plan to tie the knot with Eva to work. Another pal revealed, “Ryan really wants this to work.”

Such a hopeless romantic, isn’t he? [We were serious about the sabotage, help us out!]

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