Ryan Phillippe Isn’t Proud Of All Of His Movies

Ryan Phillippe Isn't Proud Of All Of His Movies

Ryan Phillippe has been in the business for over 20 years. Who knew he was acting that long? All of a sudden he has admitted that most of his movies aren’t good. There are movies that he has done that he isn’t proud of making.

During an interview with “Los Angeles Times”, the “Cruel Intentions” actor stated that most of his movies aren’t good. He admits that he only did five movies that he feels are good. Is it really wise to insult screenwriters because you don’t feel that the movies were good? This sounds like someone who doesn’t want to keep working in Hollywood. He wasn’t saying these things when he was making the movies. He chose to take these roles that were offered to him so it doesn’t say much for him that he filmed these movies that aren’t good.

In the interview, he said that only five of his movies are good. The poor baby slaved away and ended up disappointed with the work he did. There are probably 100s of actors who would do anything to be in his position and he is complaining about the 30+ roles he has had. He can’t be thankful for being in that many films. He wants to complain because the movies weren’t good after he filmed them.

Phillpe named a movie in particular that didn’t make him proud. He didn’t like the movie “Set Up”. He thought the movie was terrible. He didn’t want to be in the situation. He must have had his arm twisted when he said yes to the role. The other movies he didn’t like were “54”, “Company Man”, and “Chaos”. Did all of these movies go straight to DVD? If not, did poor ticket sales cause him to feel this way about the movies?

Acting is no longer enough for the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” star. Now he wants to try to direct movies instead of just acting in them. He co-wrote, directed, and starred in his new movie “Catch Hell”. What if someone feels the same way about his movie? Someone may insult his movie the way he has insulted the ones he did. Most likely he won’t consider the movie he wrote/directed one of his bad choices.

Submitted by Michele J.

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