Ryan Reynolds’ Body A Wreck From Movie Stunts

Ryan Reynolds' Body A Wreck From Movie Stunts

Ryan Reynolds did all of his stunts for his new movie Safe House, but says that the scenes from the flick left his body a wreck. Oh no!

In the movie, he plays CIA agent Matt Weston and revealed that he performed all of his character’s stunts, despite the fact that the movie’s execs hired a stunt double for the more physical scenes.

He said, “I was fighting this guy for five hours and we’re finishing it later. The fights in this movie are really long and extensive and they’re ugly and there’s biting and head-butting. Canadian Kung Fu, we call it.”

Nice! It sounds like a pretty awesome action movie. He went on to say, “I keep seeing a stunt guy dressed like me but they don’t seem to want to put him in. I’m a wreck, but then I get to say, ‘That’s me getting my ass kicked by a 300 pound mercenary.'”

His movie co-star, Denzel Washington, was also involved in some of the action scenes, but says that the scenes weren’t that scary.

He added, “We haven’t done a scene with a page of dialogue in a month. There’s a lot of running and jumping in this film, and I’ve got a bad knee and I got waterboarded. Having someone pour water down your nose when you’re upside-down is a bit difficult, although the guys doing it to me were more scared than I was I think.”

Does this sound like a movie that you’re going to go and see? What do you think?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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