Ryan Reynolds Calls Ryan Gosling & Bradley Cooper Incredibly Sexy

Ryan Reynolds is super sexy, so he should know sexiness when he sees it! Just look at this fine, dapper specimen of a man. Isn’t he so GQ?

Apparently Ryan was oblivious to the People magazine battle for World’s Sexiest Man, which Bradley Cooper ended up winning. He was a competitor for the top title, battling Bradley along with Ryan Gosling.

When Bradley won the title for the magazine, a lot of Ryan Gosling fans protested the decision and even did so outside of the publication’s offices.

Ryan won the title in 2010, but said that he didn’t realize there was such a controversy over the title, but also revealed that he can see the appeal of both Ryan and Bradley.

In a new interview with MTV, he said, “Are you kidding me? I did not hear about this. They’re both incredibly sexy men. What they should have done was a cover on the front and a cover on the back.”

Bradley Cooper on the front, Ryan Gosling on the back and Ryan Reynolds in the middle — now that would sound more like it! What do you think?

Photo Credit: Enrique RC, PacificCoastNews.com

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