Ryan Reynolds Is Obsessed With ‘Game Of Thrones’

Ryan Reynolds Is Obsessed With 'Game Of Thrones'

If you’re like most people, then it is easy to become obsessed with the HBO show Game Of Thrones. Celebrities are no different than the rest of us with their obsessions – just ask Blake Lively.

Lively shares a three-month old daughter named James with her husband Ryan Reynolds and has revealed that the Deadpool actor is quite addicted to the show. She said that his addiction to the show has left him struggling during their off-time and has lead to tough points in their marriage. In case you were wondering, yes, she was kidding around.

She joked, “My husband, I’m outing him and I shouldn’t, but he became obsessed with Game Of Thrones. He did everything he could to pirate episodes that hadn’t even been shot yet. So that was a little tough point in our marriage. Now we’re through it because there’s a new season coming out.”

Too funny.

With regard to being a new mother, Lively said that she is finding the experience both awesome and exhausting. Of course it’s exhausting – unless they have utilized the help of a nanny. She said, “It’s awesome and exhausting. It’s everything that everyone always says. I want to say something different than anyone else, but there’s a reason everyone says the same things. It’s going good.”

She is also finding her post-baby body to her liking. She joked, “My boobs are pretty huge and awesome. That’s probably the most significant change.”

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