Ryan Reynolds Still Isn’t Over Scarlett Johansson

Ryan Reynolds Still Isn't Over Scarlett Johansson

While Scarlett Johansson has moved on with her life and has already gone through her relationship with Ryan Reynolds and Sean Penn, it appears that Ryan is saddened by their divorce. He’s moving on with his career plans, but it seems that he’s still feeling like that piece of him is still missing. Poor guy, he needs a hug!

He said, “At the moment, I’m just giving myself time to put everything that has happened behind me and I’m taking things as they come. But I’m going to be ready for a relationship again soon.”

In case you’re wondering, his sense of humor is still intact. He talked about the rumors that are circulating about the many women he’s went through and had a bit of a laugh. He said, “Right now I seem to be on a speed dating mission – at least according to those rumors that are going around at the moment. Even my mom is confused. No man is potent enough to be able to go through as many women as that in such a short amount of time like I allegedly have!”

When he’s ready to start dating, are you going to sign up for a piece of that?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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