Sam Lutfi Kidnapped Britney Spears’ Dog?

Sam Lutfi Kidnapped Britney Spears' Dog?

It appears that Britney Spears’ dealings with her former so-called manager Sam Lutfi went deeper than we could’ve possibly imagined. We’ve heard the rumors that he was said to be drugging her by crushing up her pills and trying to induce her into a coma — but it gets even worse than that.

According to reports, Sam was so heartless that he would go as far as hiding her dog from her. Then, she would cry because she missed the pooch. That’s when he stepped in to play the hero by “finding” her beloved pet. So sick! TMZ reports:

In their opening statements, lawyers for Lynne Spears and the conservatorship told the jury … Sam tried to look like a savior to Britney and would stoop so low as to emotionally torture her.

Britney’s side is painting Sam as a master manipulator who would prey on the singer’s weaknesses to build himself up and at the same time create distance between Britney and her family.

He is a disgusting individual if any of this is true.

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