Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds To Adopt?

Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds To Adopt?

Sandra Bullock is a free agent now that she’s shed the excess weight that was Jesse James. Since, she’s been spotted hanging out, having dinner and hiking with her good buddy, Ryan Reynolds. Now that she’s been pictured with him, there has been nothing but oodles of speculation that they’re together.

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Even worse, the rumors are going around now that they are looking to adopt a child together. Who thinks these things up?!?

She has already adopted baby Louis on her own, but a “snitch” says that she wants to do it all over again, but this time, with a partner. So she wants to build a family with Ryan? I can get behind that…if it were true.

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The “source” said, “Sandra is blown away with what a great stand-in dad Ryan has become to Louis and how he treats him as his own. There is no way Sandy would allow Ryan to bond so tightly with Louis if she didn’t see a future with him. They are a great team. Sandy and Ryan were best friends and love blossomed from a solid foundation. They share the same family values so they’re powering forward.”

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As much as I would love to believe that’s true, I really don’t. They have already issued denials and Sandra has gone on record saying that she doesn’t get his loving after dark…. As sad as that may be.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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