Sandra Bullock Snubbed By Ryan Reynolds?

Sandra Bullock Snubbed By Ryan Reynolds?

Apparently people are still operating under the impression that Sandra Bullock was hooking up with Ryan Reynolds because we’ve got this lovely tidbit for you. It’s really the perfect fake ending to any fake relationship.

Sandra was said to be left heartbroken after Ryan told her that he can’t see them being anything more than just friends.

Sandra was trying for the girlfriend role in Ryan’s life, but he’s said to be holding a candle for his ex-wife, Scarlett Johansson.

What I don’t understand is why the gossips continue to portray them as a couple, when she has explicitly came out and said that she’s not getting his lovin’ after dark. That’s as plain as day, isn’t it? She has denied this. More. Than. Once.

A supposed source said, “Ryan and Sandy have been spending a lot of time together – even vacationing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in mid-August. She was hoping the relationship could move to the next level. Ryan told Sandy she’s the best friend a guy could have, but that he could never see her as anything more than that.”

Perhaps the tabloids need to take the Proposal DVD out of their players and give it a rest already? Just sayin’.

Their snitch went on to reveal, “And when he told Sandy he’s still got a place in his heart for Scarlett, she was devastated and in tears. Ryan is the only father figure Louis has ever known. He even calls Ryan ‘da-da’ when they’re together. Every time Sandy hears that, her heart melts. But Ryan doesn’t want the sort of commitment Sandy wants. He just wants to be friends.”

Are you buying any of this? I mean, if the tabloids have any proof that they’re hooking up, then pics or it didn’t happen, because we’re tired of all of the speculation. Besides that, wouldn’t she be yelling it from the rooftops if she were getting his lovin’ any time of the day? Wouldn’t you?

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