Sandra Bullock Suing Jesse James For Defamation?

Sandra Bullock Suing Jesse James For Defamation?

Jesse James has gone on his reality show, claiming that he married “some Hollywood actress”, and that may come back to bite him in the butt!

Despite all of that, he said in a recent interview that he would “still have hopes of saving some sort of relationship with Sandy.”

Now, his claims on former wife Sandra Bullock might just come back to hurt him. An insider said that Sandra “has consistently taken the high road by never talking about Jesse since their split. I don’t expect her to play the shrinking violet forever if his jabs have secretly been causing her emotional distress.”

One source even claimed that she could hit him with a defamation lawsuit. A legal expert said that “asking for $20 million in damages would not be out of the realm of possibility.”

Defamation lawyer, Richard Ancowitz said that Sandra “has every right to initiate a defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband if she believes that any of the public statements he’s made about her have been defamatory.”

The lawyer went on to say, “I imagine that even the prospect of legal action would lead his lawyer to counsel Mr. James to keep his thoughts about Ms. Bullock to himself.”

Another attorney said, “If Jesse keeps revealing personal information about Sandra, she could also stop him by suing for invasion of privacy.”

What do you think? Should Sandra Bullock sue Jesse James for defamation? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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