Sandra Bullock Wanted To Marry Ryan Reynolds?

According to the latest issue of Star magazine, Sandra Bullock can’t seem to let go of Ryan Reynolds and felt that he was the perfect man to marry!

Sources say that the actress was “dying” to marry her perfect guy, but he is so head over heels in love with his current girlfriend, Blake Lively.

A source said, “I feel sorry for Sandra. It’s kind of a helpless feeling when you’re in love with someone who’s so happy with another woman.”

We really aren’t buying this one whatsoever…are you? Did you think that Sandra had some unrelenting feelings for Ryan and just couldn’t let go of him without a real proposal?

Sure, they would make a really cute couple, but we can’t simply wish for it to happen and it be so. What do you think of Star’s report that Sandra is still stuck on Ryan? Are they grasping at straws trying to make Ryan and Sandra happen, despite the fact that he’s with Blake?

Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Photo Credit: Darla Khazei,

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