Sara Leal Didn’t Know Ashton Kutcher Was Happily Married

Sara Leal Didn't Know Ashton Kutcher Was Happily Married

Ashton Kutcher’s rumored fling, Sara Leal, said that she didn’t know he was happily married to Demi Moore when they had unprotected sex for two hours on his and Demi’s sixth wedding anniversary.

Now that she’s spilled the dirty details of their early morning romp, she says she did it because he told her that he was separated from his wife — and she believed him.

Us Magazine reports:

But now, Leal regrets the encounter. “My life has been a mess,” she tells Us.

“I’m a normal 22 year-old girl, and I spent the night with someone who I thought was separated,” she says. “If I had known he was happily married, none of this would have ever happened.”

Anyone with internet access and an inch of knowledge on celebrity gossip knows that Ashton and Demi are married. It just goes to show you that a guy will tell you anything to get what he wants.

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