Scott Disick Has No Shame

Scott Disick Has No Shame

Scott Disick’s relationship with celebrity Kourtney Kardashian just headed South…as in below the waist. Prior to an upcoming photo shoot, Scott noticed that Kourtney had missed a few places when it came to the landscaping.

Citing a burgeoning baby bump, Kourtney admitted to refusing to even try to trim up her nether region, despite Scott’s disgust. But, when you’re dating a Kardashian, you do what you gotta do to keep your lady happy and to help her look her best, so Scott valiantly offered to tackle the “hairy little man” and do the job for her.

It should have been a quick and painless event, were it not for her celebrity sister Khloé Kardashian walking in just as Kourtney was getting into position. Khloé, clearly shocked at the sight of her sister laying on her back, legs splayed, in a bathtub, comments about how “it reminds me of a water birth.” Kourtney showed some apprehension as Scott approached her with an enormous electric buzz trimmer.

Despite her protests, Scott captured a quick before photo – expect that one to probably hit the internet. He goes in for the kill and finishes the job quickly and with only one small “ouch” out of Kourtney, who otherwise seemed to be enjoying the attention. Kourtney takes a peak at Scott’s handiwork, remarking that “it’s all shiny like the top of the Chrysler building” and gladly posed for an after photo.

Just remember guys, being with a lady means sometimes getting your hands dirty. But when you’re dating a Kardashian, it means getting them a little more dirty than usual.

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