Scott Disick’s Drinking Is Out Of Control Again

Scott Disick's Drinking Is Out Of Control Again

Scott Disick’s drinking is apparently out of control again, if the latest gossip is to be believed. He was reportedly kicked out his girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian’s home in the Hamptons over last summer after his drinking got out of control – so it doesn’t seem like it’s too out of the realm of possibility.

He was drinking heavily last summer and even prior to that when both of his parents passed away. Now, just one month after the birth of his third child with the reality star, Disick is back at it with his friends.

It’s been an ongoing problem for “Lord Disick” as he seemingly likes to choose his partying lifestyle over the family live that Kardashian has worked hard to cultivate. It was said to have taken a toll on their relationship already and this probably isn’t helping at all.

Disick reportedly went off to Aspen, Colorado with his entourage of friends and he was said to have drunkenly trashed a hotel room. He and pals – which included Alec Monopoly – went out and partied it up and when they came back to the hotel room, one pal jumped the counter and snatched up a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label. The police weren’t called to the scene, but the hotel charged Disick’s room $400 for the bottle.

Afterward, Disick and his friends ordered up close to $900 in booze and the next night, they ordered up $600 worth of booze to their room. Not only that, but guests situated close to the reality TV actor have been complaining about the smell of marijuana emanating from the room.

After Disick and his entourage were all done with the hotel room, staffers said that the room was littered with cigarette butts and bottles. The room was listed as non-smoking, so the hotel added a $500 charge to their bill.

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