Scott Weiland’s wife instigated STP reunion

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Scott Weiland’s wife Mary is to credit for the reunion of the once defunct Stone Temple Pilots.

Apparently, she called guitarist Dean DeLeo and asked him to play at a party last year as a favor.

He tells, “Mary called me, because (bassist) Robert and I have this band with (Tom Petty + the Heartbreakers drummer) Steve Feronne, doing this big 12-piece band (Farm Fur), and Mary called me, because there was some private party she was involved with, and she asked us to play. And then she said, ‘Scott’s here. Do you want to talk to him?’ And we started chatting.”

And singer Weiland is convinced it was this phone call that led to the decision to reform and embark on a 2008 tour.

They’re planning to play their gig as STP again on May 20th in Cleveland. Woot!

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