Scotty McCreery To Receive $250,000 For Winning ‘American Idol’

Scotty McCreery To Receive $250,000 For Winning 'American Idol'

If you’re wondering how much a seventeen-year-old kid who wins American Idol will be raking in as a result of walking away a winner, then wonder no more.

Earsucker has learned that Idol season ten winner Scotty McCreery will receive at least $250,000 in advances for winning the Idol crown. Both he and second place winner Lauren Alaina had their contracts approved by an L.A. judge before the winner was announced!

So perhaps that’s how Matt Drudge leaked the information hours before the finale aired???

If you’re curious how much Lauren is set to gain, we’ve learned that she’ll be receiving $87,500. Scotty is likely to earn a ton more from merchandising and endorsement rights, along with royalties for any music that he releases.

Past season’s winners were paid a minimum of $100,000 for merchandise rights, but Scotty will receive $50,000, while Lauren gets $40,000. Fifteen percent of Scotty’s earnings are going to be placed into a trust account, of which cannot be touched until he turns eighteen.

Are you surprised? Did you think it would be more???

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