Selena Gomez Cooperative Following Police Party Complaint

Selena Gomez Cooperative Following Police Party Complaint

Now that Selena Gomez is back together with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, perhaps he is being a bad influence on her? Whenever Justin is in bad spirits or if the negativity in the media gets him down, he always runs back to Selena. Like a moth to a flame, she always seems to take him back no matter what.

Selena was said to be partying without Justin at her place in Hidden Hills, California — and the police were called. A noise complaint was filed with the police by the singer’s neighbors because she was hosting a super loud party. Officers at the scene of the party insist that Selena was very cooperative when they alerted her to the problem and turned the music down when asked.

Reportedly, Selena had only invited roughly twenty people to her party and she had live performances going on in her living room. A source revealed, “The music may have gotten a little too loud because it was two guys performing and there were speakers, but it definitely wasn’t some out of control party.”

Still, despite the noise complaint, she didn’t let that get her down and took to her official Instagram account to share a photo of the party scene:

Selena Gomez Cooperative Following Police Party Complaint

She shared the above photo with the caption: “Tacos, live music and candles such a beautiful night with beautiful people.”

We aren’t shocked by the fact that she threw a somewhat wild party, but we are concerned as to why she keeps going back to Justin. Surely, she could find someone better suited for her. He is a spoiled brat and we feel that she could do so much better than that.

Before this party, she and Justin went to a Bible study together on Wednesday and were openly showing affection with one another. An insider said, “They were very lovey dovey and cute” and they “came and left together with a few friends.”

The spy added that Justin and Selena “sat next to each other and listened to the sermon”, adding that they were “smitten with each other.”

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