Selena Gomez Crying Over Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez Crying Over Justin Bieber?

We find this very hard to believe, but according to reports, former Disney starlet Selena Gomez has been crying over her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Why would anyone want to cry over that twit? Surely she knew what kind of dog he was when they broke up the first time? Every time they’ve called it quits, he was quick to run around with someone new. Why would she think that this time would be any different?

Prior to his arrest, Justin shared a photo of the two of them together on Instagram. This prompted reports (and rightfully so) that these two had gotten back together. Since their relationship has always been so iffy, we weren’t sure if she was just trying to see if there was anything left between them or if they were actually giving things another shot.

After they were supposedly going public again, it was revealed that he texted her looking for a *little somethin’ somethin’*, but she wasn’t exactly responsive. That’s when he was said to have texted her a raunchy photo — of which she rebuffed. He then called her talentless and she called him a drug addict who needed to check into rehab. You can read their exchange here.

Now that Justin is hanging out in Panama with Chantel Jeffries, Selena has issued a statement saying that she just doesn’t care anymore. Funnily enough, prior to that dis, Chantel was trying to sell Justin out to the highest bidder for $20,000. Before hanging out with him in Panama for his reported intervention, she was talking to the tabloids and news stations in order to tell them what it was like being with Justin the night that he got arrested for driving under the influence.

Now, it’s being said that perhaps Selena’s dis over Chantel was just a front and that she is really crying over him. Ugh. A source said, “She was crying over Justin and him being with Chantel. She is still very heartbroken. Vanessa [Hudgens] was comforting her, hugging her, and telling her to ‘forget about him.'”


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