Selena Gomez Is Looking For Her Soulmate

Selena Gomez Is Looking For Her Soulmate

Former Disney starlet Selena Gomez is dating teen singer Justin Bieber (or so we’ve heard), but the brunette singer/actress is still on the lookout for her soulmate. And get this, she has already been talking about getting married and has gone as far as picking out her maid of honor — her cousin Priscilla Deleon.

When the rumors started making the rounds that Selena had split from Justin, Priscilla was right there for her cousin. They are said to be closer than sisters and Selena wants her there for her big day.

Previously, Selena said, “Priscilla is as close as to a sister as I’m going to get. She’s going to be my maid of honor when I get married and I’m going to be hers.”

Will Selena actually walk down the aisle with Justin when she is ready to tie the knot? When asked what Selena is looking for in a guy, Priscilla said, “She’s like, ‘I’m normal. I just want to find my soulmate.’ The Selena I grew up with is still the same Selena I see today.”

Prior to that, Selena admitted that Justin wasn’t “the one” and when asked about the prospect of marriage last year, she said, “No, I’m 18!”

Do you think they have long-term potential? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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