Selena Gomez Is With Justin Bieber For Her Brand

Selena Gomez Is With Justin Bieber For Her Brand

According to the latest gossip reports, Selena Gomez is only with Justin Bieber because he’s really good for her brand. A source revealed, “Selena and Justin’s relationship isn’t the fairytale romance they’d like their fans to believe it is. Justin’s heart is with Selena because she’s his first true love, but Selena is pretty much just riding out the relationship because she knows he’s good for her image.”

We find that hard to believe, considering how many of the nice things that he’s done for her. He rented out the Staples Center so they could screen “Titanic” alone and he has purchased all of the flowers at a flower shop for her for Valentine’s Day. We think he’s a romantic at heart, for sure.

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The source went on to say, “Dating Justin is good for Selena’s brand. Together they’re a brand! Everyone in Selena’s camp is aware of Justin’s star power and is urging her to make it work with him. Let’s just say that if for some reason Justin’s star ever fell, Selena would drop him immediately.”

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Do you think that’s the case? Or do you think they are going to end up getting married sooner or later?

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