Selena Gomez Deletes Justin Bieber Bedroom Photo From Twitter – Was She Hacked?

It’s no secret that Disney starlet Selena Gomez and her boyfriend, teen singer Justin Bieber are so in love that they can hardly stand it. (We can hardly stand it, but that’s beside the point, isn ‘t it?)

They travel the world together, stay in exotic hotels and go on super romantic dates, so it’s really no surprise that they took a photo of themselves in bed and posted it on Twitter.

Actually, it was Selena who posted the photo to her official Twitter page and she was just as quick to yank it down from the social networking service. It was one of those “blink and you missed it” types of things.

Did she realize that might send out the wrong message to her throngs of young fans or Justin’s fans? Or perhaps it was because his fans have already threatened her life once they found out she and Justin were dating? Another possibility is that someone saw the picture and told Selena to yank it because it could be perceived as inappropriate?

Could it have been a mistake? Why do you think she removed the picture from Twitter? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts! Was Selena’s Twitter account hacked????

Photo Credit: VPA/

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