Selena Gomez Taken To The Hospital Earlier Today

Selena Gomez Taken To The Hospital Earlier Today

Former Disney starlet Selena Gomez was taken to the emergency room earlier today in Los Angeles — but fear not, she is going to be okay.

Reportedly, the singer/actress had been suffering from a sore throat lately and thought that she might have strep. So, she took the proactive approach and opted to go to the hospital to get looked at. “TMZ” has more details:

We’re told Selena had been suffering from symptoms yesterday … and had to end a recording session early due to the pain.

Also, Selena’s step-father has been suffering from bronchitis, and she thinks she may have been exposed to something contagious.

But sources tell us … so far, docs don’t believe Selena has strep … though the tests won’t come back for a couple of days.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she will be just fine. Stay strong Selena!

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