Selena Gomez Talks About Going To Hooters With Her Dad

Selena Gomez Talks About Going To Hooters With Her Dad

Former Disney starlet Selena Gomez and her pal Vanessa Hudgens are currently in the middle of promoting their new flick “Spring Breakers”. In doing so, they spoke with Chelsea Handler on her show “Chelsea Lately”. We don’t know how the conversation got turned to Selena’s dad taking her with him to Hooters, but that’s just late night television for ya…

Most of us grew up with our families taking us to places like McDonald’s or something similar, but Selena’s dad was basically using her to bait chicks with big honkers at the local Hooters. Stay classy, pops. She said to Chelsea, “When I was younger, I think my dad wanted me to be a boy.”

Chelsea interjected, “Or a Hooter. I don’t see any hooters on you.”

Selena went on to say, “And so I’d go to Hooters to watch the Spurs game, and all the waitresses would come over and I’d color them pictures. So I was like of, like, bait for him in a way. It was cool.”

Sounds creepy, but we buy it. Chelsea then asked Selena, “You’re single now. Are you enjoying being single?”

Selena said in response, “Yes, I really am.”

Chelsea offered up this advice: “You better enjoy this, girl. You’re twenty years old. You got a lot of men ahead of you.”

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