Shawntel Newton Talks About The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik

Shawntel Newton Talks About The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik

When Funeral Director Shawntel Newton added herself into the mix at the Bachelor house to compete for Ben Flajnik, it seemed that everything went haywire. All of the ladies competing on the show turned against her, leaving Ben with a hard decision to make. In case you’ve missed the show, you can read our full recap here.

Model Courtney Robertson claimed that if Ben gave Shawntel a rose, then she was leaving. It got so bad that Elyse Meyers called Shawntell “Brad’s [Womack] re-used dumpster trash”. They were all catty toward her for showing her affection for Ben, even though she wasn’t a part of the show from the start. In the end, she didn’t get a rose from Ben, and was forced to leave.

Now, she’s talking about her experience on the show, having everyone else hate her. She said that Jaclyn Swartz said that she wanted to punch her in the face. Courtney, however, was the most harsh, saying that she would leave if Shawntel got a rose. She said that she had to defend herself for two hours and she ended up in he bathroom crying.

She revealed that she was confident going into the house, thinking that she would walk away with a rose — and another chance at Ben’s heart.

As far as what went wrong, she said, “I think the biggest influence was Courtney. She basically gave him an ultimatum – ‘If you keep Shawntel, I’m out’ – and he’s making it clear he’s head over heels for her. I think he ends up choosing her.”

What did you think of the show last Monday? Did you think the other ladies were harsh with Shawntel? Should Ben have given her a chance? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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