Shia LaBeouf’s Method Acting Gone Too Far?

Shia LaBeouf's Method Acting Gone Too Far?

How far is Shia LaBeouf going to take his version of “method acting”? In a recent Sigur Ros video, the actor shed all of his clothing to portray part of a nude couple on drugs. Since, we’ve learned that he is set to play a role in Lars von Trier’s new movie “Nymphomaniac”. He said of the role that everything in the movie is for real, meaning the sex and everything else. We’ve also learned that he tripped on acid for his role in “The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman” and drank so much moonshine for his role in “Lawless” that he offended one of his co-stars who almost quit the movie.

So how far is he going to go?

Certainly there are actors out there who are so committed to their craft that they lose weight for roles in movies, but to have sex on film and to trip on LSD for movies…that just seems crazy.

What do you think? Is he going crazy or is he doing these roles any justice instead of just simulating the activities? We thought it was called “acting” because you don’t actually do the stuff, you just fake it. Is he trying to be edgy?!?

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