Should American Idol Have Replaced Mariah Carey With Jennifer Lopez?

Should American Idol Have Replaced Mariah Carey With Jennifer Lopez?

By now, you have heard the rumors making the rounds that “American Idol” was going to replace Mariah Carey with another diva — Jennifer Lopez. It all came down to the show’s floundering ratings and since the powers that be seemed to love J-Lo, they thought that concocting a plan to bring her back for the rest of the show would save it.

It’s been quite a boring season this year. The guys were systematically eliminated one-by-one, making way for a female winner — as the judges predicted….or so they said. We’re still going to guess that the show is rigged, so the producers probably should’ve seen the lower ratings coming. Fans of the show consist mainly of younger, teenage girls who usually vote for the cutest guy on the stage. If he’s got talent (read: Phillip Phillips), then it’s all the better. There is no one on the Idol stage that’s considered worthy of the fan girl vote.

The show’s problem doesn’t seem to lie solely with the judges of whom they’ve chosen to critique the contestants this season, but also with the talent. They wanted a girl to win since it’s been so long since they’ve had one — and now they’ve got to rough it through the rest of the season with the show — as is.

Do you think the show would’ve done better to replace Mariah with Jennifer Lopez for the remainder of the season? Would it have helped at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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