Simon Cowell Mean To Demi Lovato On The X Factor’s Elimination Episode?

Simon Cowell Mean To Demi Lovato On The X Factor's Elimination Episode?

Was Simon Cowell being mean to Demi Lovato on Thursday night’s double elimination episode of “The X Factor”? Let’s take a closer look at the situation, shall we?

When it comes to sing-offs on the show when the acts sing for survival, usually each judge gives their commentary until both acts have performed their respective numbers. Then, when it’s time to vote on which act to send home between the two acts, each judge votes and the mentoring judge is the last one to have their say.

On Thursday night’s show, Mario Lopez told Simon that he was to vote on who to eliminate prior to Demi making her choice. When pressed, Simon tried to get Mario to go to Demi, but Mario wouldn’t budge. Then, Simon insisted that he wanted to hear from Demi and Mario caved, calling him the boss.

Was Simon being mean pushing Demi to vote ahead of himself on the elimination episode? Was he simply testing her mettle as a judge on the show to see if she was able to make the right decision, no matter how tough? We are of the mind that he knew he was going to vote Jennel off, so why would he try to put extra unnecessary pressure on Demi? Was he being a television bully? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below.

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