Simon Cowell Robbed After One Night Stand

Simon Cowell Robbed After One Night Stand

Music mogul and The X Factor USA boss Simon Cowell has learned his lesson on bringing strange women back to his Beverly Hills mansion – the HARD WAY. Last October, Simon was looking for some strange in a Hollywood nightclub called Drai’s. He found some and brought the woman back to his mega-mansion.

The only problem? After he woke up, he found that she was already gone — with his wallet AND laptop. Of course, Simon has security cameras all over the place, so when he showed the footage of the woman to the cops, they found her. She forked over the laptop — which contains X Factor secrets — and the wallet, without the fat cash it contained.

Let’s hope that Simon really did learn something from this experience. Perhaps he didn’t have the woman arrested for fear that she would spill whatever she found out from the laptop? There hasn’t been any reports suggesting that she was arrested.

What do you think? Tit for tat?

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