Simon Cowell Thinks Justin Bieber Deserves A Grammy

Simon Cowell Thinks Justin Bieber Deserves A Grammy

Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun recently ranted on Facebook when the Grammy nominations were released and Justin’s name wasn’t on the list. Now, “The X Factor” head honcho Simon Cowell is agreeing with Scooter in saying that Justin definitely deserved a Grammy for his new album “Believe”.

Justin received two nominations during last year’s ceremony, but was left out of next year’s contenders for the prize. Scooter was epically miffed that Justin didn’t get a nod, saying on Twitter that the “kid deserved it”. Now, Simon is chiming in. In a new interview, he said, “You know what? He deserved one (nomination) I think. But they can get a bit snobby sometimes.”

Still, the music mogul is sure that Justin won’t be sweating the snub too much. He added, “He won’t be crying too much. He’s doing fine.”

We’re sure if Justin gets to feeling too badly about getting snubbed by the Grammy Board, he can go off and cry with millions of teenage chicks wiping his tears. Albeit, in his Fisker Karma, no less.

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