Snooki Involved In Car Crash With Police Vehicle

Snooki Involved In Car Crash With Police Vehicle

The entire Jersey Shore cast has just ventured off to Florence, Italy to film the fourth season of the hit reality show. Now, we’ve learned that Snooki has gotten herself into a bit of trouble. Surprised?

The pint-sized reality actress was taken into custody in Florence after crashing her car into a cop car. Even more surprising, alcohol did not play a factor in the accident.

JWoww was a passenger in the car, and no one was said to have been injured. A witness said that Snooki smacked her car into the back of the police car, wedging her car between the patrol car and a highway protection wall.

When JWoww tried to make her exit from the vehicle, she had to climb through the car’s window, because the vehicle was blocked by the wall.

Didn’t they just leave the States recently? It didn’t take long for the long arm of the law to bust Snooki in foreign territory for something stupid, did it?

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