Spencer Pratt uses Lady Gaga sex tape idea for attention

Heidi Montag namedropped teen singer Justin Bieber in order to garner more attention for herself. Now, her husband, Spencer Pratt, is following suit.

Lady Gaga told Rolling Stone magazine, “I want to be a legend! Is that wrong”? Now, Spencer feels he can help her out in her quest. He tweeted to Perez Hilton, “Help me film a sex tape with Lady Gaga then I will really be using her properly for press. All i need is 8 minutes or so… I say that because Gaga said she wanted to be a legend. Well Sex tape with me would be a way Gaga could be a legend overnight.”

Umm. In case he’s been living under a rock for the past two years, Lady Gaga is already a legend in the making. Doing anything with Spencer would just bring down her property value.

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