Spider-Man Joins Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Following Sony Pictures Deal

Spider-Man Cinematic Universe with Marvel and Sony Pictures

Spider-Man is being prepped to join Marvel movies. Sony Pictures on Monday night announced a deal with Marvel that will bring the popular web slinger into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If you are keeping track of Marvel’s various decisions, you are probably already aware that the current cinematic universe already includes Iron Man, Thor, and the rest of the Avengers.

Spider-Man is now being hinted at for his first Marvel movie appearance in Captain America: Civil War. 

The movie does not mean that Sony is giving up its rights to the Spider-Man character. The next Sony produced Spider-Man movie is due on July 27, 2017. The deal will likely work both ways with Sony announcing that it has also been “exploring opportunities to integrate characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe into future Spider-Man films.”

Marvel recently announced that they were preparing to kill off their various Multiverses and Universes. The company wants to bring their various characters into a more modular universe that would allow for better cross promotion — specifically in Hollywood.

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