Star Magazine: Angelina Jolie’s Secrets & Lies!

Star Magazine: Angelina Jolie's Secrets & Lies!

Isn’t Star magazine ever going to get tired of showing the same people over and over on the cover of their issues? Seriously, it’s either Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston. They never tire of making stuff up, do they? While we are firm believers that everyone has their secrets, we’re pretty sure they don’t have a fly on the wall at the Brangelina house.

According to the tabloid, Angelina and Brad had a secret trial separation. In addition to that, there has been some “cheating”, of course with men AND women. Because when all else fails, you can always call into question the ever present bisexual rumors surrounding Angelina.

Another bombshell that they’re attempting to drop is that Angelina was “held hostage with a gun to her head”.

Plus, they’re offering eleven never before seen family photos.

Is this something that you’d pick up from the store? Or are you tired of them basically rehashing all of the same news every week? Perhaps they should really start with some truthful reporting? Maybe make a call to Angelina’s rep for a real story?

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