Star Magazine: Bitter Breakups For Kate Hudson And Halle Berry

Star Magazine: Bitter Breakups For Kate Hudson And Halle Berry

Kate Hudson and Halle Berry are both featured on the cover of the latest issue of “Star” magazine. On this week’s cover, the magazine states that both of the ladies are going through some bitter breakups.

The tabloid states that Kate’s wedding to Matt Bellamy has been canceled. Why, you might wonder? Perhaps it’s that TV star who has swept Kate off her feet! She was said to be flirting with Leonardo DiCaprio at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. A source said, “They were whispering in each other’s ear and being very touchy. And Kate was giggling at everything Leo said.”

But it wasn’t Leo that got Matt’s underwear in a bunch. A source said that Kate has gotten close to “Dancing With The Stars” professional dancer Derek Hough. The snitch said, “Lack of trust has been a huge source of contention between them. The relationship is definitely falling apart, and the wedding is off for now.”

With regard to Halle’s situation, apparently this is her third failed marriage! The tabloid states that vicious fighting has pushed Halle and Olivier to the brink of divorce. A source siad, “They have had some extremely vicious arguments, and every small thing is causing issues. His paranoia has completely taken over.”

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