Star Magazine: Christina Aguilera Boozing And Gaining 65 Pounds

Star Magazine: Christina Aguilera Boozing And Gaining 65 Pounds

The latest issue of Star magazine reveals that The Voice judge Christina Aguilera has been boozing it up all night and sleeping every day. In addition to that, she is hated by her fellow judges on the show and has gained a total of 65 pounds.

The tabloid states that Christina is a “wreck” and has a lot of troubles. Christina is only 31-years-old and rich, so why isn’t she allowed to have a few drinks here and there, just like any other woman her age?

The feature also states that Christina is being bullied over gaining 65 pounds. In the inset photo, they’ve got a picture of Christina when she was just getting famous. Besides that, she is a mother, so it’s natural that she would put on some weight between then and now.

Also featured in this issue is the question as to whether or not Whitney Houston committed suicide. This is completely ridiculous, considering that Whitney was gearing up to perform at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party and was planning on making a comeback with her new movie Sparkle. Ugh.

In addition to that, is there a baby in the cards for Lady Gaga? Her boyfriend’s family is spilling all to the tabloid, according to their cover. Gaga is already planning a tour for a long time, so we don’t think she has time in her schedule for a baby at this point. Do you?

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