Star Magazine: Nicole Richie Is Anorexic Again!

Star Magazine: Nicole Richie Is Anorexic Again!

Nicole Richie is anorexic once again — if you believe what is printed in the pages of the latest copy of Star magazine.

The cover of this week’s issue shows Nicole in what appears to be an old photograph — from the time that she was scary skinny. Could this really be a recent picture? We’re not sure, but she does look pretty gaunt here. Let’s hope that they are just using stock photos and that Nicole hasn’t relapsed back into an unhealthy way of eating…especially for her daughter’s sake.

We’re guessing that the magazine has embellished this story a little bit in order to sell copies of their magazine. The last we heard about Nicole, she was doing well and was healthy. Not to say that this report couldn’t be true, because it most certainly could be, but we’re leaning towards hoping that it’s not.

What kind of example would Nicole be setting for her children by playing a dangerous game with her weight? As of this point, we are calling BS on this anorexia report — until we receive some sort of proof that she has relapsed.

Stay tuned to Earsucker for any updates to her health and to this story as they are made available.

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