State Farm Sues Kat Von D Over 2010 Home Fire

State Farm Sues Kat Von D Over 2010 Home Fire

In November of 2010, Kat Von D lost her house and cat Valentine as her home went up in flames. She tweeted the above photo of herself at the time, standing inside the remains of her charred residence. She tweeted, “R.I.P. my little Valentine”.

The Los Angeles Fire Department was called and managed to put out the fire, but all was lost. She had to begin anew with her insurance payment from State Farm. The Captain of the Fire Department said, “Fire fighters encountered heavy fire with extreme smoke but they were able to knock down the fire. There was no one home.”

Kat said of the blaze, “My house burned down last night with my cat inside. Finally get to sleep away the rest of today. Hope tomorrow is gentler. To gain everything, you must lose everything.”

Now, it appears that State Farm is claiming that she caused the fire herself. TMZ reports that the insurance company is now suing Kat over the insurance payment. The celebrity gossip website reports:

State Farm Insurance filed the lawsuit against Kat today in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming the 2010 fire that ripped through the reality star’s Hollywood Hills home was her own fault … and she should foot the bill.

According to the lawsuit, Kat foolishly placed several lit candles in the house — and the candles then set the house on fire (a fire that killed Kat’s feline friend named Valentine).

What do you think? Heinous or justified?

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