Stephen Collins’ Victim Won’t Take Him To Court

Stephen Collins' Victim Won't Take Him To Court

Stephen Collins isn’t likely to be prosecuted over his confession of molestation from years and years ago — just because the cases are too old and the statute of limitations have run out. Despite that, one of his victims has come forward in order to aid the investigation because there may be more recent victims out there who are too scared to come forward.

When he was in therapy with his estranged wife Faye Grant, Collins confessed to molesting three very young girls. She recorded the confession and was allegedly using it to extort him out of money. The tape was subsequently leaked to the media and has ruined his career prospects.

Still, the victim who has come forward says that she won’t sue the actor because she isn’t actually out for his money. In fact, she says that she came forward in order to encourage other victims to follow suit. Perhaps if one comes forward that was more recent, then maybe there would be a prosecution?

The woman is cooperating with the New York Police Department, but has also contacted the Los Angeles Police Department in order to inform them that Collins is a sexual predator.

Stay tuned to see if more victims come forward if he receives any type of punishment at all. So far, the only punishments that he’s received were being dropped from “Ted 2” and “Scandal”.

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