Steve Jones Talks About His Termination From The X Factor USA

Former host of The X Factor USA, Steve Jones, says that he has no hard feelings toward the show or its creator, Simon Cowell.

It was confirmed last month that Simon wanted to go in another direction and had axed Steve, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger for the show’s upcoming second season.

When speaking about his termination, he said that he accepted the show’s tough nature and added that he wouldn’t have any reservations about working with Simon again in the future.

He said, “I have no hard feelings whatsoever towards Simon. It’s a tough business and anyone trying to get into it should always keep in mind that it can go tits up in a heartbeat. I’d work with Simon on the moon if given the chance.”

He went on to say that while he was disappointed that he got the axe, he is privilege to have worked on the show in the first place. He added, “I loved working in L.A. The best bit was working, the worst bit was not working. I have made some great American friends and I have learned that America/Los Angeles is wicked.”

Photo Credit: Greg Tidwell / PCN Photos

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