Steve Jones To Be Fired From The X Factor USA?

Steve Jones To Be Fired From The X Factor USA?

Rumor has it that Steve Jones might just be hosting The X Factor USA for only one season! Oh noes! We’re fans of Steve at the Earsucker headquarters, so we don’t like the thought of them replacing him. Ugh.

The first season of the show ends on Thursday, when America crowns its first X Factor champion and winner of a five million dollar recording contract. According to a source close to the situation, Steve has been fired from the show.

An insider said that only a miracle would keep Steve on the show and he’s said to be devastated over the decision. A source said, “Steve keeps saying that living in L.A. is a dream come true. He loves the weather and the women, and he loves working on X Factor – it’s just a shame that the U.S. public has not warmed to him. He got terrible reviews from critics when he started and things haven’t go better. There have been mistakes and he just doesn’t seem to have the knack for dealing with contestants.”

The source said, “The executives at Fox have already decided not to renew his contract and so, short of a miracle happening, it is pretty much a done deal that he will not take part next season.”

But — there is still hope! An X Factor spokesperson said, “No discussions have been had and no decisions will be made about any new contracts until the New Year.”

Of the rumors and speculation, Steve said, “You can’t second guess the Dark Lord, you really can’t! But, you know, I’m happy with the way I performed over the course of the series, and hopefully Simon Cowell is as well. It’s difficult to gauge Simon because he only ever approaches you and talks to you when you’ve done anything wrong.”

What do you think of the reports? Do you want to see Steve Jones back for season two of The X Factor? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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