Steven Tyler was a Lunesta junkie? – Video

Steven Tyler was a Lunesta junkie? - Video

Back on August 5, 2009, Steven Tyler was performing with Aerosmith in Sturgis, South Dakota when he suffered a nasty fall off of a stage (video and details here). Afterward, it was announced that Aerosmith had to cancel the rest of their tour dates to allow the singer to recover.

Last night, Steven appeared as a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman, where he admitted that drugs were the culprit in his fall. Check out the video, below:

X17Online reports:

“It’s not any news here about my drug use and addictions in the past. A couple years ago, I was [snorting] Lunesta because of some problems with my feet. That shows you what kind of a drug addict I was, only the finest for me… I was looking for any excuse to get high.”

Crazy! But we’re happy to see that he’s doing better.

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