Steven Tyler went into rehab eight times

Steven Tyler went into rehab eight times

In the latest issue of People magazine, American Idol judge and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler opened up about his eight trips to rehab!

He has been sober for 16 months, but revealed that if it weren’t for rehab, he would’ve been dead. He said, “Left up to my own devices, I probably would have been dead several times over.”

He went on to reveal, “If you think going out in front of high-def cameras and millions of people I’m not high on adrenaline, you’re crazy. I’m stoned when that curtain drops. I just don’t snort the curtain dropping. I don’t snort J-Lo either, though I do breathe her in.”

If he tried to snort J-Lo, her butt would very likely get caught in his nostril. So that’s a good thing that he doesn’t attempt that. Just sayin’.

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