Suburgatory Live Recap Season 1 Episode 9 ‘The Nutcracker’ 12/7/11

Suburgatory Live Recap Season 1 Episode 9 ‘The Nutcracker’ 12/7/11

Returning tonight for their Christmas episode is Suburgatory with more ‘burb drama! Last episode, Tess, played by Jane Levy, and Dallas Royce, played by Cheryl Hines, went to the big city to do some shopping and have fun after Tessa tricked Dallas into to take her to the city even though her father requested that she stay in the burbs that day. While Tess was training Dallas to eat pizza without a plate they ran into Tessa’s father George, played by Jeremy Sisto, kissing an unknown woman in the street!

Tessa was furious at George for one, keeping the fact that he had a woman in his life and two because he keeps telling Tessa she can’t go back to the city because there is nothing there to see. She feels like George is not being fair with their agreement. George tells Tessa the woman’s name is Zoe, played by Gloria Votsis, and that he was seeing her for a short while and didn’t know how to explain to her about Zoe. However, Tess is not the only one a bit hurt by George dating someone! Dallas has a bit of a crush on him.

Well, here they are close to Christmas and Tessa overhears George on Skype breaking up with Zoe. She immediately thinks he broke things off because of her. Tessa feels so terrible about him breaking up that she tries to find a great gift for him this year and decides the best gift of all would be to hook George and Zoe back up. Little does Tessa know George did not break-up with Zoe because of Tessa. He has a new love interest; Tessa’s art teacher Aimee.

What a Christmas celebration this will be! Come back later for the full recap and find out how George’s love life is going!


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