Suburgatory Season 1 Episode 5 ‘Halloween’ Recap

Suburgatory Season 1 Episode 5 'Halloween' Recap

Tonight was an all new episode of the hit comedy Suburgatory and we’ve got your official recap right here! In case you’ve missed last week’s show, you can check that out at this link.

From the official synopsis from tonight’s episode, titled, Halloween:

Tessa channels her inner “suburban girl” for a Halloween costume, but it ends up spooking her friends and everyone at school since she reminds them of a recently “departed” resident of Chatswin. And George is determined to prove to Halloween-hater Dallas that being scared can be fun, but gets a scare of his own when Steven Royce (guest star Jay Mohr), Dallas’ husband, finally comes home from one of his many business trips.

Official recap:

Tonight’s show opens with Tessa setting up Halloween decorations in Chatswin. It’s obvious that they’re going overboard, but it’s their first Halloween since moving. Tessa has set up a tombstone for her father, George Altman and proceeds to tell him how he “died”.

Noah approaches them as George is about to cut Tessa’s head off. He asks George if he cleared the decorations with the neighborhood association. Noah tells them that they’ll get a fine and said that George can talk to Dallas, as she’s the head of the N.A.

After finding a box full of “Misty’s Hair Accessories”, Tessa discovers a “bump-it”. So for Halloween, Tessa dresses up as a tacky suburban girl, and heads to school. Lisa notices that Tessa has decided to “bump-it” and tells her that Misty used to bump-it and wear velour suits with heels to school. Then, she said it’s a shame what happened to Misty. Tessa asked her what happened to Misty and she said, “Nothing.”

Mr. Wolfe approaches Tessa and tells her that her outfit is in bad taste and that he wants to see her in his office. Meanwhile, George goes to see Dallas about putting his guillotine on his lawn. She said that exceeds their acceptable limits.

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