Survivor: South Pacific Recap Season 23 Episode 12 ‘Cult Like’ 11/30/11 (Video)

Survivor: South Pacific Recap Season 23 Episode 12 'Cult Like' 11/30/11 (Video)

An all new episode of Survivor: South Pacific airs tonight at 8PM EST on CBS. This episode is titled, Cult Like and is the twelfth episode of season 23.

Episode Synopsis:

The alliance between Coach and Cochran strengthens.


On last week’s episode, the network opted to recap the season up until then, with A Closer Look. Thank you to Thanksgiving for pre-empting a real show for last week. Check out last week’s review, in case you’ve missed the show.

What to expect on tonight’s show, via Examiner:

Next Time On…the last 5 minutes of this “recap” episode may have been the most revealing. We all know that 6 people can’t win Survivor…Upolu must eventually turn on each other. We get a bunch of juicy, if brief, clips that foreshadow what may be coming next…from Coach telling someone off-camera “after all I’ve done for you, you can’t do this for me?” to some scenes that tease Brandon turning on Coach, and Sophie turning on Albert. Of course this is Survivor, where clips are often edited to lead us in a certain direction, only to head in another.

Stay tuned to find out what happened after the recap episode tonight!

Update: Read the recap here!

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