Susan Boyle Upset On Australia Flight

Susan Boyle Upset On Australia Flight

Susan Boyle was said to have upset fellow passengers on a flight to Australia on Friday. She was said to have become agitated on the flight and began to argue with the cabin crew.

I can imagine why she’d get cranky on a flight to Australia, that’s not a hop, skip or a jump away…. She boarded the jet on Friday for the land down under, for a promotional trip. But according to U.K. reports, she got super cranky on the plane.

Another traveler aboard the flight said, “She seemed pretty upset. And she seemed to be arguing with the crew. We got woken up two or three times in the middle of the night with her crying and quite loud, bad language.”

Her representative has confirmed that the Scottish singer was extremely tired during the flight, but also denied that she used foul language.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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