T.J. Lane’s Troubled Past

On Monday, February 27th in the small town highschool of Chardon, Ohio, T.J. Lane entered the school cafeteria and let out fire on six individuals; three fatally wounded, two injured, and one feloniously assaulted. The 17-year old was charged as a juvenile for three accounts of murder, two accounts of attempted murder and one account of felonious assault. Looking from the outside, many see a vicious and cold-hearted individual, but past events in his life may have led up to his actions on this day.

While growing up, the teen went through some rough times between his parents. His mother and father, Thomas Lane Jr. and Sara Nolan, both were reportedly charged with domestic abuse against each other. Afterwards, Thomas was also charged with assaulting a police officer, domestic abuse on his previous child’s mother and attempted murder. Not stopping there, he then was ordered to serve eight months of a four year sentence for strangling a woman until unconscious, holding her face under running water and hitting her head against a wall.

Eventually, T.J. was handed over to his grandparents Jack and Carol Nolan by the time he was in elementary school. Although, his older brother, Adam Nolan who was 19 at the time, brought some of the violence of his father’s actions to his grandparents’ house. He was charged with disorderly conduct quite a few times, theft, etc. He also became accustomed to a few drugs including heroin and prescription drugs which led to several overdoses.

By the time T.J. was in high school, his long-time neighbor claimed he was a good student. He had some trouble with grades in the past but seemed to be recovering. The neighbor, Russ Miller claimed, “I understand he is an A or B student, and he was going to graduate early.”

The traumatic events that happened at Chardon affected not only the students involved, but the family members and local communities surrounding them. You guys are in our hearts and prayers and we hope the best for all of you.

[Editor’s note: The above photo is a heart tribute to Chardon High School from the students at Olmsted Falls High School using Chardon’s school colors. To those families affected, you are in our thoughts and prayers.]

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