Taylor Lautner Hopes For Twilight Fans’ Support

Taylor Lautner Hopes For Twilight Fans' Support

Twilight actor Taylor Lautner is calling upon fans of The Twilight Saga to support him in his decision to take on roles that are more challenging for him.

Taylor is currently starring in his new movie, Abduction, and is asking for your support!

The movie centers around Taylor’s role of a teenager who is on the run after learning that his parents are hiding a secret about their past.

In a new interview, Taylor said, “I don’t know why, but I’m always looking to challenge myself as much as possible. Plus, I had always been an action fan and been fans of the actors like Damon and Harrison Ford. What I love about their action movies is that they’re not just action movies. They’re playing a character that goes through an incredible journey.”

He also revealed that he was told by the movie’s director to watch action movies featuring Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford in preparation for his role in Abduction.

He added, “I’m just hoping that the fans can support me doing completely different things outside of the franchise. And yeah, I mean, there probably is a lot at stake. It definitely crosses my mind, and I would be lying if I said I feel no pressure. But whenever that thought comes in my mind, I try to push it out as quickly as possible. I try and just stay focused on things I can control.”

Are you supportive of Taylor Lautner’s new role in Abduction? Let us know in the comments!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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