Taylor Lautner talks fame & family

Taylor Lautner talks fame & family

Twilight actor Taylor Lautner revealed that the worst thing about being famous is the obvious lack of privacy.

In a recent interview, he said, “There’s tons of good things and bad things. Obviously, the lack of privacy is bad. It’s not normal to go out and have dozens of cars with photographers waiting outside while you get your coffee. But, like I said, there’s many good things too and I’m willing to put up with the inconveniences.”

He went on to reveal, “I might not go shopping or to the movies, but I have my favorite places, like certain restaurants that are not very famous. There are times when I don’t care and I go bowling. It might get a little complicated at times, but I still have fun, even if I go back home thinking I shouldn’t have gone out and I don’t go out for a while.”

On the subject of his family, he said that they basically keep him well grounded. He added, “The answer is in the family members and friends that I’ve known for a while. This is our job, we live in the business world, but then we go back to normal. We can be famous, but in the end, our lives are as normal as anyone else’s. We stay at home and we don’t live the exciting lives people think. Keeping a balance in our lives is important, and I can’t lose that.”

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