Taylor Swift Disappointed In Selena Gomez Over Meet Up With Justin Bieber

Taylor Swift Disappointed In Selena Gomez Over Meet Up With Justin Bieber

In case you hadn’t heard, Selena Gomez met up with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber recently. The meetup happened right after he caught wind of her appearance at an awards show with DJ Zedd. One source said that Bieber felt Zedd was not really competition for Gomez and that he could have her anytime he wanted her. Now that the news and pictures of their meetup have been released, her pal Taylor Swift has something to say about the rendezvous.

A source said, “Taylor is so disappointed that Selena went back to hang out with him, she really has been shaking her head over the whole situation. But Taylor doesn’t know what to do because she has already done everything to tell Selena that Justin is the worst.”

In the past, Swift has made it no secret that she has a certain disdain for Gomez’s relationship with Bieber. Still, a source says that Swift is absolutely tired of being Gomez’s shoulder to cry on. The source said, “They are still friends but Taylor is looking down on Selena for doing this. She doesn’t want to pick up any more of Selena’s tears. She will, but it’s tiring and nothing Taylor wants to do right now.”

In fact, sources have said that Swift has encouraged Gomez to try taking a year off from dating following her split from Bieber. Will she take her friend’s advice?

A source previously said, “She wants her to at least try taking a year off dating. She thinks she should date herself for a while, take the time to get to know herself and appreciate herself. But she’s not going to force it, she’s trying to lead by example this time, instead of forcing her ideas down Selena’s throat, she realizes she can be kind of pushy and she’s working on that.”

Should Selena Gomez take some time off from the dating world and learn more about herself instead of running back to Justin Bieber every time he’s in town? It sounds like sound advice to us. What do you think? Hit the comments below and let us know your thoughts.

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